tiConf ticket & hotel winner Manaday Mavani

This week tiConf asked attendees and followers of tiConf India to submit questions for the exports to win a free conference ticket (or reimbursement) and 2 hotel nights. Meet the winner: Manaday Mavani! Twitter: @ManadayM Github: ManadayM Linkedin: manadaymavani Blog: Clean Code Congrats Manaday, could you introduce yourself? I’m Manaday Mavani 28 years of age […]

tiConf speaker Gaurav Kheterpal

As tiConf India 2014 nears, we continue our series of tiConf speaker interviews with Gaurav Kheterpal. As one of the oldest Titans and certified trainers in India he will speak about Titanium: The Good Parts. Twitter: @gauravkheterpal GitHub: gauravkheterpal Tell us something about yourself I’ve around 15 years of industry experience in web, mobile and […]

Dates for tiConf Asia & Australia announced

Boydlee today announced the dates for the tiConf Asia 2014 conference in Singapore as well as tiConf Australia 2014 in Sydney, just a 10 minute walk away from the famous Opera House! tiConf Asia 2014, Singapore: October 25th tiConf Australia 2014, Sydney: November 22nd In the margins, the city for tiConf South-America has now been […]