Meetup: iBeacon Platform Overview

Upcoming Appcelerator Titanium Netherlands meetup on Wednesday January 7th Description Program • Lounge opens at 17:30 as a service • 18:30 Free pizza & drinks • 19:00 iBeacon Platform Overview by Jonathan Carter • 20:30 More drinks, Q&A etc. iBeacon Platform OverviewJonathan Carter Jonathan Carter will give us an overview of iBeacon platforms available for Titanium. WE […]

Meetup: Appcelerator Titanium

Upcoming RVA.js meetup on Tuesday January 6th Description Appcelerator Titanium is a cross platform Mobile Application development framework that encourages code reuse and modular application design. With Titanium, you can create apps that support multiple platforms without needing to know languages such as Java or Objective-C. Titanium allows you to leverage the flexibility of a […]

A new year, a new tiDev!

Just a little over a year ago I welcomed you all to tiDev with the following vision: TiDev is a new independent blog bringing news, rumors, tips & tricks, reviews and more on Appcelerator’s Titanium platform and Alloy framework for building cross platform native apps. Evaluating our first year Instead of celebrating our first anniversary, […]

Built with Titanium: Glam&Go

Aaron Saunders let us know that Clearly Innovative team helped Glam&Go release its new app on the App Store and Google Play Store. The backend was built on StrongLoop. They also wrote up a nice blog post on the business case and goals. See 5 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Strategy: A Look at Glam&Go’s […]

Positioning a Toast notification on the top half of the screen

Android Toasts are great for providing simple feedback to the user, without blocking his interaction with the current view/window. In Titanium you can use Ti.UI.Notification to create a Toast: Ti.UI.createNotification({ message: "Please Stand By", duration: Ti.UI.NOTIFICATION_DURATION_LONG }).show(); Positioning the notification The Android API guides explain how to use setGravity(gravity, xOffset, yOffset) with setMargin(horizontalMargin, verticalMargin) to […]

Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services

Skip Objective-C and Java to get your app to market faster, using the skills you already have. Book Details ISBN 978-1-118-67325-6 384 pages About This Book Building Cross-Platform Apps using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services shows you how to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps without learning Objective-C or Java. With detailed guidance given […]

New Facebook Modules

In this guest blog, Mark Mokryn introduced us to his new Facebook modules for Titanium. Appcelerator’s Facebook modules haven’t been updated for a long time, partly because the newer SDKs couldn’t simply be dropped into the Titanium wrapper modules but needed lots of adjustments. Mark just got several PRs accepted for Titanium 3.5.0 to make […]

Hidden event methods on Android

Question 1 Which of the following 4 methods remove an event listener on Android? var id = view.addEventListener('click', onClick); view.removeEventListener('click', onClick); view.removeEventListener('click', id); view.removeListener('click', onClick); view.removeAllListeners('click'); The correct answer: all of them! Question 2 Which of the following 4 methods then add an event listener on Android? view.addEventListener('click', onClick); view.addListener('click', onClick); view.on('click', onClick); view.once('click', onClick); […]