Ti.UI.Views & backgroundSize:cover

As documented, background images will be scaled to fit the view’s dimensions. You can use nine-patch images on Android or background[Left|Top]Cap on iOS to determine what part is scaled, but scaled it is. Full-size background photo If you want your app to have a nice background photo regardless of the screen size and aspect ratio […]

London Titanium Podcast Episode 1 – Titanium Data Handling

On Thurs 6th Feb, Pratik Patel (CTO of TripLingo and TITAN) spoke at the London Titanium Meetup on Data Handling within Titanium Apps. Looking at performance considerations, data options available and thoughts on architecture. He even threw in some live coding. He discusses SQLITE, JSON, NOSQL, UNDERSCORE and more. Titanium London Intro Slides – February […]


The Titanium API docs have improved a lot over the last couple of years and something I use almost on a daily basis. Even more since I don’t read them at docs.appcelerator.com anymore, but use Dash to read them offline. Dash Dash is an amazing piece of software that allows you to download the latest […]


Last week, Apperson Labs release another community alternative to the commercial Appcelerator LiveView. The CLI plugin injects a native module into the project and starts up a NodeJS server via which it will push files to the app as soon as they’ve changed, allowing close to live development. Using a native module for this is […]

Terminal Titanium: Prompty

Once you start spending most of your time in the terminal, it is likely you will start customising it. Choosing your shell, setting your colour scheme and aliases is all part if making your terminal home. It is mostly about making your development environment productive rather than just making things look pretty. One area is […]

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the TiDev team: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You might experience a small dip in our posts, but rest assured that we’ll provide you with lots of news, rumors, tips, tricks, reviews and many more in the upcoming year! We have lots of plans to extend our services to help […]