Dates for tiConf Asia & Australia announced

Boydlee today announced the dates for the tiConf Asia 2014 conference in Singapore as well as tiConf Australia 2014 in Sydney, just a 10 minute walk away from the famous Opera House! tiConf Asia 2014, Singapore: October 25th tiConf Australia 2014, Sydney: November 22nd In the margins, the city for tiConf South-America has now been […]

First community-maintained Appcelerator module: Ti.Flurry

Open-source is a vital part of Appcelerator’s history and future. Titanium itself has always been open-source and about a year ago also most of Appcelerator’s own modules have been open-sourced at: github.com/appcelerator/titanium_modules github.com/appcelerator-modules Recently Appcelerator approached community members asking if they would be interested in not just committing to, but actually maintaining one of these […]

Know DevLink? Meet DevMap!

To download and use Titanium, as well as access most resources, you need a free Appcelerator Network account. If you then complete your Developer Profile and select Yes for List in DevLink you’ll be included in Appcelerator’s public directory of Titanium developers. Get free exposure! A nice way to get exposure as a freelancer or […]

Memory Management

How do I manage memory in my app? How can I fix memory leaks? How does using Alloy alter memory management best practices? We see questions like this in endless variety. In this article, I will lay down the general principles you should follow to hopefully clear up this issue once and for all. When […]

Snippet for a better alert

I’m lazy, so I rather type: alert('Hello!'); then: Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({message: 'Hello!'}).show(); Custom title However, for localized apps or if for other reasons I want to have another title and/or button label then the default Alert and OK, this doesn’t work. So in my classic app.js or Alloy alloy.js I have: function alert(message, title, ok) { Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({ […]