In this guest blog, John Anderson will introduce Ti-Browser; a new way for rapid prototyping apps that uses Titanium but doesn’t require the developer to have it installed, let alone Xcode and other dependencies. The Spark Ti-Browser started in my head over a year ago. I wanted to have something that would be as easy […]

tiConf speaker Gaurav Kheterpal

As tiConf India 2014 nears, we continue our series of tiConf speaker interviews with Gaurav Kheterpal. As one of the oldest Titans and certified trainers in India he will speak about Titanium: The Good Parts. Twitter: @gauravkheterpal GitHub: gauravkheterpal Tell us something about yourself I’ve around 15 years of industry experience in web, mobile and […]

The Titan Program

Most of our authors are so-called “Titans”. You can find about 150 of them on DevMap and they have badges showing on DevLink. But what actually is a Titan? What is their role in the Titanium community? And who came up with this program? I got in touch with Gregory DiPaolo at Appcelerator to find […]

Usando Xcode 6 com Titanium

Para aqueles que estão se perguntando se é seguro instalar o Xcode beta 6 em seus equipamentos de desenvolvimento, a resposta curta é: sim. Ele é instalado junto ao Xcode 5 e você pode trocar entre um e o outro e pode ser facilmente desinstalado. Aqui vai um simples walkthrough que te iniciará ao Xcode 6 […]

tiDev goes multilingual!

A few weeks ago, Carlos Henrique Lustosa Zinato contacted me asking if he could translate our blogs to Portugese for Titanium developers in Brazil and Portugal. Carlos works in São Paulo and has been using Titanium for 2 years now. Once a week, he’ll translate all posts, which will be accessable via www.tidev.io/pt and using […]


Document Your Code Generally speaking, there are three common ways to document a project: Internal: Inline comments that explain your code’s intent. Internal/External: Special purpose comments that describe your code and are used by a generator to generate an external reference. External: End-user documentation. This is usually a document that explains how to use the […]