Dates for tiConf Asia & Australia announced

Boydlee today announced the dates for the tiConf Asia 2014 conference in Singapore as well as tiConf Australia 2014 in Sydney, just a 10 minute walk away from the famous Opera House! tiConf Asia 2014, Singapore: October 25th tiConf Australia 2014, Sydney: November 22nd In the margins, the city for tiConf South-America has now been […]

Know DevLink? Meet DevMap!

To download and use Titanium, as well as access most resources, you need a free Appcelerator Network account. If you then complete your Developer Profile and select Yes for List in DevLink you’ll be included in Appcelerator’s public directory of Titanium developers. Get free exposure! A nice way to get exposure as a freelancer or […]

Snippet for a better alert

I’m lazy, so I rather type: alert('Hello!'); then: Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({message: 'Hello!'}).show(); Custom title However, for localized apps or if for other reasons I want to have another title and/or button label then the default Alert and OK, this doesn’t work. So in my classic app.js or Alloy alloy.js I have: function alert(message, title, ok) { Ti.UI.createAlertDialog({ […]

Ti.UI.Views & backgroundSize:cover

As documented, background images will be scaled to fit the view’s dimensions. You can use nine-patch images on Android or background[Left|Top]Cap on iOS to determine what part is scaled, but scaled it is. Full-size background photo If you want your app to have a nice background photo regardless of the screen size and aspect ratio […]


The Titanium API docs have improved a lot over the last couple of years and something I use almost on a daily basis. Even more since I don’t read them at docs.appcelerator.com anymore, but use Dash to read them offline. Dash Dash is an amazing piece of software that allows you to download the latest […]


Last week, Apperson Labs release another community alternative to the commercial Appcelerator LiveView. The CLI plugin injects a native module into the project and starts up a NodeJS server via which it will push files to the app as soon as they’ve changed, allowing close to live development. Using a native module for this is […]