This Week’s Modules & Widgets: 11 Nov 2015

A list of all new and updated modules and widgets listed on gitTio and Appcelerator Marketplace this week.


New and updated open-source modules and widgets found on GitHub by gitTio:

Type Title / Description Version  
widget falkolab.ti.preferences
Under construction
1.0 new
module Gcm
Google Cloud Push for Titanium
1.3 updated
module NappImageView 1.1.0 updated
widget popupmenu
Demo app for com.falkolab.popupmenu widget
1.0.1 updated
module S3FileTransferManager 1.0.3 updated
module Ti.360°View
360° View for product images (taken from round table)
1.0.2 updated
widget Ti.FormBuilder
Build forms for Titanium with just an object.
1.0.0 new
module ti.googlemaps 1.0.1 updated
widget Ti.Notifications
Useful Titanium+Alloy widget to handle notifications messages when app is in foreground.
1.6.1 updated
module tintimage
Tint Image
2.0 updated
module TiSafariDialog 1.0.2 updated
module Ttitanium Masked Image
Cross platform implementation MaskedImage for Titanium SDK
1.0.0 new

Appcelerator Marketplace

New and updated modules and widgets offered via Appcelerator Marketplace:

Type Title / Description Price  
module Immersive view
Android 4.4 (API Level 19) introduces a new SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE flag for setSystemUiVisibility() that lets your app go truly “full screen.” Hiding the navigation and status bars (while still keeping them readily accessible) lets the content use the entire display space, thereby providing a more immersive user experience.
Free updated
widget Messages iOS
Elegant, simple and powerful messages view module for iOS based on JSQMessagesViewController from Jesse Squires.
$10.00 updated
New Relic for Mobile Apps
Real time performance monitoring of native mobile apps.
Free updated
module Notificare – Mobile Marketing Platform
Rich and interactive push notifications for iOS, Android and Web. Enhance your apps with location based messages and iBeacon technology that really works.
Free updated
widget ProgressBar iOS
Simple and powefull progressbar module to iOS. Now opensource!
Free updated
module UXCam
Appcelerator module for UXCam – enables the recording of your applications screen UXCam empowers you to understand your users and fix usability issues by letting you see your app experience through your user’s eyes and pinpointing where they are
Free updated

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