TiWeekly: SDK 4.1.0 Demo, TiSDK and local notification ringtones

Please find below a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news for the past week.


See @RicardoAlcocer and @FokkeZB steal the show with SDK 4.1.0? Check out the recording here: http://appcel.us/1Ssg5H3 

Get your OSS on with the updated tisdk tool by David Bankier which can be found here.


iOS File Size for Custom Local Notification Ringtones Using Appcelerator’s Titanium http://apps.vaughndabney.com/blog/ios-file- by Vaugh Dabney

Understanding the Android Material Theme http://www.appcelerator.com/blog/2015/07/understanding-the-android-material-theme/ …

Tip from Jason Kneen: “If you’re a #titanium developer and you’re not developing apps with #TiAlloy then please stop now.”

An article from Rene Pot on REST and RESTe from Jason Kneen.

Modules and Widgets

Updated module to 2.3.2: map – External version of Map module http://go.gitt.io/1q9LDCG

Updated #TiAlloy widget to 2.0: Intro Pages – An Alloy widget to create welcome pages like AirBnB applic… http://go.gitt.io/1K5WXLJ 


No new apps this week.

If you have any news, apps you have just launched or some cool open source stuff you have done. Feel free to notify me on wienke@wearesmiths.com. We will include it in this newsletter.

Code Strong!

Wienke Giezeman – The Smiths

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