TiWeekly: Alloy Example App, New apps and more

Please find below a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news for the past week.


New Alloy RSS Reader Sample App Walk-through http://go.tidev.io/1GyCETV


Automated acceptance testing with Travis 

Why bother using images specific to certain groups of devices?  shares the details 

Nice example of how to get mobile payments right by 

Modules and Widgets

A curated list of well designed and documented can be found here.

Example of Fading ActionBar by

just open sourced even more of his work, have a look here: 

Small wrapper to quickly display an avatar on a blurry background 

Want to use the LineaPro barcode scanner? 


Yet another awesome app made with published by for Doughnut lovers! 

And this one here

An app for new parents to help tracking baby activities like feeding and sleep happybabyplan.com


If you have any news, apps you have just launched or some cool open source stuff you have done. Feel free to notify me on wienke@wearesmiths.com. We will include it in this newsletter.

Code Strong!

Wienke Giezeman – The Smiths

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