TiWeekly: NPM Alloy package manager, Meetup videos and a lot of tips

Please find below a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news for the past week.


Really interesting contribution that allows NPM to distribute Titanium, Alloy and Arrow components by Fokke.

Already on TiSlack? Make sure you are.

The videos of the Dutch NL Meetup are online here. Talks about Google Analytics, component based architecture and how to make proper Alloy widgets.

Appcelerator’s Mobile Weekly came out.

An article about the business impact of deep linking and content blocking.


Want to see how other apps nailed cross platform design, check this site.

If you are in to Sassy TSS you might want to use this conversion tool by Richard Tuin.

Ever had the situation that you needed to update your iOS app when it was in review but you didn’t want to remove the entire app. Here is a good tip.

Want to have the WWDC offline at your disposal, this will help.

Modules and Widgets

A curated list of well designed and documented can be found here.

New module: TiSafariViewController – Ti.SafariViewController

New widget: nl.harriepieters.toast – Toast messages for iOS

New widget: Waterfall widget – Waterfall layout for images

New module: ti.states – UI state manager for Appcelerator Titanium


No submissions this week, let us know at wienke@wearesmiths.com

If you have any news, apps you have just launched or some cool open source stuff you have done. Feel free to notify me on wienke@wearesmiths.com. We will include it in this newsletter.

Code Strong!

Wienke Giezeman – The Smiths

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