TiWeekly: TiDevDash, Widget guidelines and iOS 9/Android M

Please find below a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news for the past week.


Interview with Klaas on his Framework TiDevDash.

We started TiSlack and inviting our first Slackers, we will open it to everybody somewhere next week. So we will keep you posted.


As a result from some fruitful discussions on TiSlackMatthias crafted a template for widget explanation.

Influence how the SDK is going to look like. Fokke from Appcelerator started a discussion on what features of iOS 9 and Android M should be implemented in the new SDK.

Modules and Widgets

A component that enables you define states for your user interface components by Codlylabs and endorsed by Fokke.

A lovely widget by Rene that make views bounce.

Want to make a low weight button menu that uses FontAwesome use this widget by Matthias.

A complete list of new widgets can be found here.


This time a games app Easy Games by Manuel got out recently.

If you have any news, apps you have just launched or some cool open source stuff you have done. Feel free to notify me on wienke@wearesmiths.com. We will include it in this newsletter.

Code Strong!

Wienke Giezeman – The Smiths

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