This Week’s Modules & Widgets: 4 Jun 2015

A list of all new and updated modules and widgets listed on gitTio and Appcelerator Marketplace this week.


New and updated open-source modules and widgets found on GitHub by gitTio:

Type Title / Description Version  
module actionbarextras
Allows to set extra properties on the ActionBar
1.6.4 updated
widget be.grincheux.tiBrowser
In-app browser, an enhanced webview.
1.3.3 updated
Titanium UI – Activity Indicator xml js // show AI with default message $.vAI.toggle(true); // show AI with custom message $.vAI.toggle(true, ‘Loading…’); // show AI, auto hide after 5 seconds $.vAI.toggle(true, null, 5000); // hide AI $.vAI.toggle(false);
1.0 updated
widget com.imobicloud.calendar
Calendar widget
1.0 updated
widget com.imobicloud.checkbox
Titanium UI – Checkbox Custom checkbox !Checkbox example xml tss // default styles “.imc-checkbox” : { height: 24 } “.imc-checkbox-icon”: { width: 22.5, height: 24, left: 0, touchEnabled: false } “.imc-checkbox-icon-normal”: { image: ‘/images/checkbox.png’ } “.imc-checkbox-icon-selected”: { image: ‘/images/checkbox-on.p
1.0 updated
widget com.imobicloud.dialog
Titanium UI – Dialog !Dialog example xml tss // app.tss “.imc-dialog”: { visible: false, opacity: 0, zIndex: 1 } “.imc-dialog-overlay”: { backgroundColor: ‘#80000000’ } // custom style “.dialog-container”: { visible: true, opacity: 1, zIndex: 5 } // auto show on load “.dialog”: { width: 300, height: 300, backg
1.0 updated
widget com.imobicloud.html
Titanium UI – HTML Webview wrapper for Titanium assets – Move the folder [webview] in [com.imobicloud.html/assets] to [app/assets] – Remove folder [remove this – has some advanced examples] – Create test.jsss – test.jsss has a function XX function XX(params) { $(‘#app’).html(; } – test.jsss fire event YY UTILS.fireEvent(e, ‘YY’, { id: 1 }); xml
1.0 updated
widget com.imobicloud.label
Formatted Label
1.0 updated
widget com.imobicloud.textarea
Titanium UI – Resizable Textarea Resizable Textarea can be used for message box in chat apps !Textarea example View Styles // app.tss “.imc-textarea”: { height: Ti.UI.SIZE, bottom: 5, left: 5, right: 5 } “.imc-textarea-hint”: { top: 7, left: 5, font: { fontS
1.0 updated
widget com.javiersr.category-bar
An scrollable bar for creating a categories or menu views
1.0 new
widget com.javiersr.jsr-gallery
A widget for showing an external scrollable images gallery
1.0 new
A slide menu that slides on top instead of pushing content over.
0.1 updated
widget infoWidget
Kostervanding – android
1.0 updated
module mod 0.1 new
module NappDrawer
Drawer controller
1.1.5 updated
module NappImageView 1.0.2 updated
module revmob-titanium
RevMob Titanium module for iOS
9.0.1 updated
module revmob-wrapper
RevMob Titanium module for Android
9.0.1 updated
module ti-better-option-dialog
The Titanium option dialog but with easier option creation.
1.0.0 updated
module ti-proxy
Parse JavaScript to proxy Titanium API calls
1.0.0 new
widget Ti.Notifications
Useful Titanium+Alloy widget to handle notifications messages when app is in foreground.
1.6.0 updated
widget tiNavbar
Provide the common navigation bar layout for cross-platform environments.
1.0 new
module tiuiex
extensions for Titanium.UI components
1.1 updated
widget ts.prettymenu
Fancy menu for your app with FontAwesome
1.2 updated
module umeng 1.0.0 new
module zipper
A utility tool for zipping and unzipping files for Android in Appcelerator Titanium
1.0.0 new

Appcelerator Marketplace

New and updated modules and widgets offered via Appcelerator Marketplace:

Type Title / Description Price  
New Relic for Mobile Apps
Real time performance monitoring of native mobile apps.
Free updated
module Notificare – Mobile Marketing Platform
Rich and interactive push notifications for iOS, Android and Web. Enhance your apps with location based messages and iBeacon technology that really works.
Free updated

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