This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 2 Feb 2015

A roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news for the past week.


Get the weekly Appcelerator update on mobile with Spotify updates its app with press-to-play and swiping functionalities, and more mobile news.

Ricardo Alcocer’s recommends 5 Mobile Development Influencers to Follow in 2015, and shares his insight into why.

The January Enterprise Newsletter is out and available for you to read. It highlights the latest from the world of Mobile development.


Malcolm Hollingsworth talks about Formatting Strings.

Jason Kneen: Quick & dirty method to switch languages in an iOS / Android Alloy app without changing device language.

Reacting to React Native on

David Bankier: Ionic vs Native JS

Modules and Widgets

Check back next week!


RadioBeat – Is a live radio program that lets you listen to your favourite artists from just about every genre. Also available on Android

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