This Week’s Modules & Widgets: 14 Jan 2015

A list of all new and updated modules and widgets listed on gitTio and Appcelerator Marketplace this week.


New and updated open-source modules and widgets found on GitHub by gitTio:

Type Title / Description Version  
module asvmodule 1.0.0 new
module ColorPicker 1.0.2 updated
widget com.mp5systems.rippleeffect
Google’s Material Design touch ripple effect wrapper by Srdjan Lukic-Bardak.
1.2 updated
widget com.xdpeople.i18nWidget
selected language in the application settings
1.0 new
module hockeyapp
Appcelerator module wrapping the HockeyApp SDK
0.4.3 updated
widget HTML 2 Attributed String Widget
Widget wrapping the HTML 2 Attributed String module, providing cross-platform HTML attribute for labels.
1.0 new
widget it.leonardoce.calendario
An App to remind you to take the pill
1.0 new
widget kr.yostudio.drawer
DrawerLayout for Titanium Alloy. (Android: com.tripvi.drawerlayout, iOS: using ScrollableView)
1.0 new
module leo_bootreceiver 1.0.0 new
module Lookback-HD
Lookback with HD for adHoc
0.61 updated
module map 1.0.0 new
module NappDownloadManager 1.1.1 updated
module nappslidemenu
Slider Menu
1.4.3 updated
module nappui
Napp UI
1.2.4 updated
widget pagingcontrol
Paging indicator for Ti.UI.ScrollableViews
0.4.1 updated
module social
Social.Framework Module
1.7.8 updated
module SquareCamera
SquareCamera – Titanium Module using AVFoundation for the camera
0.6 updated
widget Ti.Loader
Alloy+Titanium widget to display a loader mask for you applications.
1.2.4 updated
module TiAirPlay
Custom iOS In-App AirPlay control
1.0.0 new
module TiCollectionView 1.1.0 updated
module TiDynamicFont
iOS load custom font during run time
0.2.1 updated
module TiIOS8WebviewFIx 1.0.0 new
module tipop 1.0.1 updated
module titanium-okhttp 1.0.0 new
module uxcam 1.0.0 new

Appcelerator Marketplace

New and updated modules and widgets offered via Appcelerator Marketplace:

Type Title / Description Price  
module PushClient Android
First simple and powerfull push notification module for direct connect to Android (GCM)
$20.00 updated
module PushClient iOS
First simple and powerfull push notification module for direct connect to iOS (APN)
$20.00 updated

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