My take from the 3.5.0.GA release

Appcelerator just released 3.5.0.GA. This “minor” release is focussed on adding 64-bit iOS support, allowing you to comply with Apple’s requirements for new apps per February 1, while updates have until June 1. If your app uses no (third-party) modules you can simply do a new build with 3.5.0.GA. If you do use other modules, then check our earlier blog on How to update your app and modules.

But there’s more!

But the release is not just about 64-bit iOS. It also fixes some bugs and even adds some nice little features. Here’s my take:

  • AlertDialog, OptionDialog, Audio and Popover have been updated to newer iOS 8 API’s. Be aware that Popover now requires a contentView.
  • The CLI (and console in Studio) now give a quick summary of your environment and the executed command:

    CLI Summary

  • You can now leave Include app symbols for your application to receive symbolicated crash logs from Apple enabled when publishing iOS apps and get symbolicated crash logs from Apple.

  • The displayCaps.density property now returns xhigh for iPhone 6 Plus’ Retina HD screen.
  • The former Android-only displayCaps.logicalDensityFactor property now returns 1, 2 or 3 for iOS, ideal for converting from dp to px.
  • The bug where views in complex horizontal/vertical layouts were visible before layout is fixed.

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To learn more about the changes in this release see:

You can use the tickets CLI to quickly check the state for issues you refer to in your code commentary.

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