Top Blog Posts of 2014

Appcelerator just published their top developer blog posts of 2014. Of course the update on Ti.Next & HAL is one of them, but also some blogs with very practical tips.

The tiDev Top 5 Blog Posts

So what are the top tiDev blog posts of 2014 you might ask? Well, here they are. And just like we saw at Appcelerator’s, practical posts are most popular. Malcolm’s post on Android Splash Screens in particular received more then double the hits of the others, which are all very close to each other.

  1. Android Splash Screens – Using 9-Patch Images by Malcolm Hollingsworth, February 2nd
  2. Using Xcode 6 for Titanium by Fokke Zandbergen, June 3rd
  3. Adding a PDF reader to your Android app by Josh Jensen, April 18th
  4. Create an icon font with IcoMoon by Damien Laureaux, March 25th
  5. Debug memory leaks with XCode Instruments by Wienke Giezeman, Jan 31st

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