Desktop apps for offline Titanium Documentation


I’ve been using Dash for offline (hotkey) access to the API Documentation, but for the Guides I still needed to open the browser and wait for JSDuck to download and parse the 12MB of data.

Nightly docs

This morning I was checking out the nightly build of the Titanium 3_4_X branch to see if TIMOB-18088 was correctly resolved to handle the new iOS certificate names.

For the first time, I noticed that also had a DOCS section with nightly builds of the online Titanium & Alloy documentation.


Remember the old days when Titanium was still a HTML wrapper like PhoneGap? Well, the last open source version of that version is still (slowly) being developed as TideSDK. So I thought, why not give that a try? ;)

Titanium Docs

Meet Titanium Docs. You can download last night’s documentation as a stand-alone MacOS app right now and if you run Windows or Linux the README explains how to build the app on/for those platforms as well.

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  • Manuel Conde

    Although I don’t have any problem to access the online docs (that will always being updated), I didn’t know about TideSDK. Now I know about it and seems really interesting: if I understood right, it’s an easy way to do simple multiplatform desktop apps

  • Krish

    Thanks for information, this saves a lot of pain in using google and getting into titanium app documentation.

    I wish, Appcelerator to add the sample screenshots for the example codes in the document, that gives instant feedback, rather than running app and explore the UI style and controls.

  • Fokke Zandbergen Post author

    Good point. I know Appcelerator is working on training/documentation atm, so let’s hoop that will be an area they improve on.

  • Jong (yomybaby)

    Everyday I use Dash.
    I always need to dash docset of Ti Guides docs (not API Documents).
    Now, I can make it!
    Thanks for finding a link of docs section with online documentations.
    Is there any way to download GA docs instead of Nightly docs?

  • Jong (yomybaby)

    Also I hope to find a download link of ACS Docs.

  • Fokke Zandbergen Post author

    No idea. I will ask.

  • Fokke Zandbergen Post author

    You’re saying you will create a Dash-compatible version of the guides? That would be great!

    I will ask for the GA docs

  • Jong

    Yesterday I tried to make Dash docset for Titanium.
    There are many works then I expected. I try to make better after few days.