This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 24 Nov 2014

This is a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


Jeff Haynie gives us his thoughts from Web Summit 2014 – Talking about the Mobile Appification of the Enterprise.

Target App Maps Black Friday Deals & More: This Week in Mobility.

Tips updates us on new Facebook modules.

Need to add transparent background to your views? Check out this implementation technique by Ricardo Alcocer.

Modules and Widgets

Jason Kotchoff gives us a great time saver with Alloy tabs template using lots of open source modules.

sp.signature is a new Alloy widget – Now you can capture signatures and Convert them to SVG format.

NappWaveformView is a new iOS module for Titanium that shows you a graph of an audio file.

Jason Kneen added path.animator a “repeat” option to the iOS animation module.

TiDefaultFont – Lets you set a custom default font for your apps.

The TiAndroidFlip Module for Android lets you create a flip view for your apps.


Check back Next Week for More Apps :)

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Jeff Bonnes is the Founder of Geeks Inc. with 20 years experience in the IT industry. He has been developing data driven website since 1995 using technologies like C, Java, Grails, and NodeJS. He has worked in a wide range of industries including Local Government, Finance, Document management, and Online Communities. He discovered Appcelerator Titanium at version 0.8, and has not looked back. His passion is working with smart people to ship innovative solutions.


  • Mark Mokryn

    Regarding custom tabs – the tab buttons in Android are indeed hard to reach, but that’s why users expect tabs to be swipeable. That feature already exists in the Titanium master branch on Github.