Ti.Connect roundup

Over 400 people gathered in Atlanta this weekend for Connect.js / Ti.Connect to talk JavaScript for web (front-end), server and apps. Titanium was well presented by several international Titans and Appcelerator staff, including CEO Jeff Haynie.

TiDev didn’t provide any live coverage, but you can find the slides and recordings of all sessions here, as well as links to the speakers on Twitter:

Also check out the Eventifier archive.

If you have any additions, mail them to mail@tidev.io.

Talk (slides) Speaker (Twitter) Video (length)
Using Bluetooth (BLE) to Enhance User Engagement Stephen Feather 58:01
Don’t Fear the Hybrid Patrick Seda 46:03
Memory management in Titanium apps Tim Poulsen 48:30
Tying it all together in real time: Node + PubNub Josh Jensen 40:45
Implementing an awesome UI/UX strategy Ketan Majmudar 1:00:45
The Future Will Be Written in JavaScript Jeff Haynie 46:14
Backbone Sync Adapter for Cloud Services Aaron Saunders 46:04
Enterprise-Level 2D Game Development with Titanium and Platino John Gould 55:55
Building Proximity-Based Retail Experience for Cross-Platform Devices Jae Lee 41:47
The Ultimate Titanium CLI Toolchain Fokke Zandbergen 55:21
Adventures in Cross-platform Jason Kneen 43:54
Advanced cross-platform development Ricardo Alcocer 46:25
Alloy vs CommonJS Trevor Ward 28:12

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