This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 15 Sep 2014

This is a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


Nolan Wright from Appcelerator shared his thoughts on Apple Watch, iOS 8 & Other Key Takeaways from Appleā€™s Latest Annoucements. posted a Q&A on iPhone 6, iOS 8 and Apple Watch which will be updated as we learn more.

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Maribel Lopez on User-Driven Apps and how to get feedback.

Appcelerator Joins AirWatch AppShield to speed up the time to market for enterprise-grade mobile apps.

The Big Apple Circus: This Week in Enterprise Mobility.


Fokke Zandbergen looks at the case against Ti.App.fireEvent and Ti.App.removeEventListener, along with a couple sensible alternatives. I learned a lot from this!

Ricardo Alcocer shows us how to Build an iOS and Android conference app with Appcelerator. Great Stuff.

Midwest JS 2014 posted a video on Cross Platform Mobile Development with the Appcelerator Framework presented by Vince Bullinger.

Modules and Widgets

Jason Kneen’s TiExpansionFiles, a Titanium module that breaks the 50mb limit of the Play Store by giving access to the APK expansion files feature.

Tony Lukasavage’s Titanium-os is a node.js os module for Titanium that works with browserify.

TiCons brings you experimental support for generating iPhone6 icons & launch images. If you aren’t using TiCons, you are doing it wrong.

TitaniumPebble gives you Titanium Pebble integration for iOS and Android, along with a QuickStart quide to help you get going. Can’t wait to play with this!


Collectiv App – A neat app to help you organise your Instagram network into meaningful groups.

Diretorio Trend is a hotels catalog partners with Trend. Trend is a Brazilian hotel rental company with 1100+ hotels. Android and iOS.

Go Out shows the best events at your current location.

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