Ti.Connect & Connect.JS in Atlanta

After 3 tiConfs in New York City, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bangalore (India) yet another Titanium conference is on the horizon: Ti.Connect. Co-hosted with Atlanta’s first and premier JavaScript conference Connect.JS it’s the brainchild of Pratik Patel.

Let’s ask him about it.

For those who haven’t run into you yet, who is Pratik?

I’m a long time Titanium developer and my startup, TripLingo, is likely one of the most complex Titanium apps available on iOS and Android. I started building native apps and discovered Titanium to specifically be able to build cross-platform apps. We’ve been pleased with the developer velocity we get with Titanium and the ability to re-use code. As a Titan, I speak at conferences on Titanium, along with other topics related to mobile, JavaScript, and other technologies. I’ve lived in Europe and Asia, now I live in Atlanta in the USA.

Ti.Connect is not the first conference you’re organising is it?

I’ve presented at a conference series called No Fluff Just Stuff for the last 7 years – these are smaller conferences geared towards enterprise developers. I’ve learned a lot about presenting a technical topic and how to efficiently run a show.

I’ve given over 500 sessions and workshops in the past 7 years.

I’m also the co-organizer for a large show in Atlanta called DevNexus; in 2014 we had over 1200 people. Last autumn, I partnered with Ket Majmudar to bring TiAppCamp to Atlanta. TiAppCamp was fun to organize and bring together our Titanium community.

Why another Titanium conference?

I attended TiConf in New York this year, and it was a blast! The sense of community is strong among Titanium developers and this is one of the things I loved about TiConf. I was starting the planning for another TiAppCamp in Atlanta a few months ago and started to think about how I could make an even more awesome conference which would attract more developers. I wanted more sessions, more variety, and to add fun events along with the regular conference stuff.

Ti.Connect is co-hosted with Connect.JS, why is that?

One of the problems I faced with TiAppCamp is that it was relatively small – we had 110 tickets sold for TiAppCamp. To be able to have more presentations on a larger variety of topics, we would need to have more revenue to afford a larger venue and provide food and drinks throughout the conference. I also wanted to have a sponsored ‘happy hour’ where we could bring together the community for networking and getting to know peers.

A more general conference

The idea of a more general conference around JavaScript and the Web was in my mind already, and I’d had casual discussions about it with the local JavaScript community leaders for a while. I talked with my friend and co-organizer from DevNexus, Vince Mayers, and we decided that the time was right to put together an Atlanta based JavaScript conference. While the core of the attendees would be from Atlanta, we knew we would attract developers throughout the south-east USA as well as from across the USA. Hence, the idea for Connect.js was born.

Not like TiAppCamp

Organizing, planning, and running a conference is a large amount of work. It also takes large amount of revenue to be able to put on a high-quality, upscale show. The idea of combining TiAppCamp with Connect.js was my initial thought, but TiAppCamp is a combination of conf/open spaces/hackathon. So we decided to keep a uniform motif and create a new conference called Ti.Connect, and co-host it with Connect.js. By combining the two conferences, we get economy of scale – we’re able to put on a large event that everyone will enjoy.

How would a Titanium developer benefit from this?

Even as a Titanium developer, I still spend a fair amount of time developing other things: Web apps, server-side apps with nodejs, data processing, etc. As developers, we don’t ever build apps & systems strictly within a silo. We’re always working either with other developers building other parts of our system, or ourselves building those other parts.

More then apps

I fully expect that the Titanium developers at Ti.Connect will be jumping around to some of the Connect.js sessions. Maybe you want to learn about the latest from Appcelerator’s Node.acs platform, UX/UI design techniques, backing your Titanium app with Keystone.js CMS, utilizing Websockets, or how to create a nice Web app/site using Angular for marketing your awesome Titanium app. We’ve got all that scheduled and more, so the biggest problem you will face as a Titanium developer will be:

There are too many good sessions at the same time, I don’t know which one to attend!

In short, why should TiDevs not miss this conference?

We’ll have Appcelerator folks like Jeff Haynie (CEO), Tony Lukasavage (Alloy Lead), Tim Poulsen (Alloy Dev) and a number of Titans presenting sessions. We’ll also have a bootcamp 4 hour class on getting started with Titanium for people new to the platform.

The icing on the cake is all the great sessions you’ll be able to hop into on the Connect.js side!

Well, that certainly looks good Pratik! See you in Atlanta.

App imagineer: Imagining, Engineering & Speaking about Native mobile Apps with Appcelerator Titanium & Alloy • Meetup organizer • Certified Expert • Titan