This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 21 July 2014

This is a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


The Titanium 3.3 SDK with Alloy 1.4 was released last week and is now available for download.

Introducing a smarter, more connected & more flexible Appcelerator Platform with Insights 2.0 . Jeff Haynie also gives us some additional background.

Appcelerator got plenty of coverage for the launch:
Venture Beat
The Var Guy
Computer World
Tech Crunch

Strange Bedfellows and a Shakeup at Microsoft: This Week in Enterprise Mobility from Appcelerator.

TiConf India was this Saturday and gives us the round up. posted a few interviews with the TiConf speakers:
Hani Hamadeh with tips and tricks he’s learned on Titanium.
Nikhil Nigade speaks about Modules
Gaurav Kheterpal covering best practices and common pitfalls.


The Appcelerator Developer Blog talks about what’s new in 3.3.0 – particularly the Android AppCompat Library.

John Anderson introduces Ti-Browser – a new way for rapid prototyping apps that uses Titanium but doesn’t require the developer to have it installed.

Here’s all the info you need to create a Splash screen and launcher icons for exact sizes and structure to use for your Appcelerator Titanium projects, or you can use Ticons to make this happen automatically!

Bert Grantges shows us a simple example for creating an infinite ListView using markers in Titanium.

Modules and Widgets

SimPushServer – a new module that gives you a local APN server for testing push notifications.

Infinite Scroll Widget – Fokke Zandbergen’s TiAlloy module that now supports ListViews.


Check back next week for news apps :)

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