tiConf ticket & hotel winner Manaday Mavani

This week tiConf asked attendees and followers of tiConf India to submit questions for the exports to win a free conference ticket (or reimbursement) and 2 hotel nights. Meet the winner: Manaday Mavani!

Congrats Manaday, could you introduce yourself?

ManadayI’m Manaday Mavani 28 years of age from Vadodara, India. I work as an Apps Developer at Investis where my role is to develop mobile apps using Titanium Appcelerator platform. Apart from my profession, I am a dad of a little lovely girl, an amateur photographer and a techie guy. I write about technology on my blog in my free time and I go for photo-walks during weekends. I think that’s enough said for my basic introduction. Feel welcomed to connect with me on all famous social medias.

How and why did you get started using Titanium?

I started my career as a .NET Developer in December, 2009. A year later after started my professional journey I got opportunity to work in apps development front. I and my mentor Shakil Bharucha were asked by our IT Director to perform detailed study on available app development platforms that would enable us to quickly develop iOS apps. Honestly, I found native iOS development a bit tough as I had no prior experience with apps development. The time constraint to learn native iOS app development was the key factor that forced us to look for alternate platforms. One fine day, we came to know about Cross Platform development and that too using JavaScript! And that platform was no other than our beloved Titanium Appcelerator.

What do you (dis)like about Titanium?

I started working on Titanium since its early days of SDK 1.6.X where managing memory issues were night mares. I’ve had applied few hacks to control those issues. But, of course the pace I got in app development was astounding – considering that I had not any prior experience in apps front! Although, Titanium has matured very well now. Lately, I’ve started using Alloy and I must say it’s really awesome to work in Alloy projects. A very neat approach to develop maintainable and structured apps. Widgets concept is the way to go to create generic plug and play components that will further help in rapid app development cycle.

– Thanks Manaday, see you tomorrow!

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