tiConf speaker Hani Hamadeh

HaniOne night to go until tiConf India and we continue our series of tiConf speaker interviews with Hani Hamadeh. He’s the founder of White Label Mobile and he will speak about building High Quality apps with Alloy.

How did you start with Titanium?

I first learned about Titanium in 2011 when I was searching for a way to simplify and accelerate mobile development for multiple platforms. I evaluated a number of frameworks and preferred Titanium over the rest.

So why Titanium?

I chose Titanium for a number of reasons. In addition to being open source and having a glowing community I am impressed by Appcelerator’s decisions, how they’re marketing them and the path they’re taking. I also like their philosophy of allowing free commercial usage, treating the developers as allies instead of clients.

Anything you do not like?

I don’t dislike anything about Titanium but I think that more resources should be offered to professional developers and freelancers. I understand that Appcelerator is more interested in appealing decision makers in enterprises, but I believe that targeting lower profile segments will have a positive impact and increase the awareness about Titanium even if it didn’t have a direct impact on the bottomline.

What will your talk be about?

In my presentation I’m going to give some tips that I’ve learned developing apps using Titanium in the past 3 years. I’m going mainly to talk about using Alloy to write apps that are easy to understand and maintain.
I’m also going to highlight some bad practices that I’ve witnessed when taking over some projects and give some advice to avoid them.

– Thanks Hani!

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