tiConf speaker Gaurav Kheterpal

GauravAs tiConf India 2014 nears, we continue our series of tiConf speaker interviews with Gaurav Kheterpal. As one of the oldest Titans and certified trainers in India he will speak about Titanium: The Good Parts.

Tell us something about yourself

I’ve around 15 years of industry experience in web, mobile and telecom development. I started my career with Genpact working as a consultant for Sun Microsystems building migration tools for Java applications. Thereafter, I have worked extensively in telecom domain with companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens building enterprise-grade telecom services for mobile and landline users.

I started working on mobile apps back in the days of J2ME and Brew. Now, my focus is mostly on enterprise app development on iOS and Android platforms. I currently work as Head of Mobility at Metacube, a product development company based in Jaipur, India.

How did you get started with Titanium?

It’s a love story that started few years back. I’m one of the oldest Titans (literally) in India as well as the first individual Titanium Certified Instructor (TCI) in India. My focus is primarily to use Titanium for enterprise app development on Force.com platform for building custom CRM applications.

Why Titanium?

I have found Titanium useful for cross-platform enterprise apps, which are primarily data oriented and involve no or little hardware interaction. I have found the UI/ UX to be as good as native and the ability to run on both iOS and Android with some modifications has enabled me to step up the pace of development.

To be honest, I’ve not done Titanium development as much as I would have liked :(

How do you see the future of Titanium?

I am really excited about the Hyperloop project and how it would eventually change the game.

At the same time, things have become interesting ever since Apple decided to introduce Swift and to be honest, I have really liked whatever I have seen so far. I was able to port some of my native apps pretty quickly to Swift so my native development skills aren’t going away anytime soon.

Strategically, I will continue to weigh in my options based on the app requirements and decide when to use Titanium and when to stick to native development.

Why should people check out your talk at tiConf?

I am a big fan of the book JavaScript: The Good Parts and I believe it is one of the best technical books ever written. ‘The Good Parts’ adage has struck a cord with me and I try to apply it as part of my daily routine and hence the session is aptly named.

My session will be all about best practices and common pitfalls for Titanium development. Whether it’s creating user interfaces that don’t suck, figuring out strategic questions like unified or different codebases for multi-platform Titanium apps, dealing with the never-ending memory issues or the classical JavaScript debugging being a pain in the hands (you get it!), the session will focus on tips, tools and tricks that would make your Titanium app development experience more quicker, robust and effective.

Why do you look forward to tiConf yourself?

I love attending and speaking at technology conferences as well as attending hackathons and code contests. It’s so much fun connecting with like-minded people and cranking out some cool hacks. I have previous spoken at SenchaCon 2013 (Sencha’s annual developer conference), Dreamforce 2012 (world’s largest technology conference), Droidcon India 2012 and 2011 (annual worldwide Android developer conference) and several other community events.

– Thanks Gaurav!

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