tiConf EU 2014 roundup

All good things come to end and unfortunately the same is true for tiConf – just in time to join millions in watching the World Cup NED-MEX. When you’re done recovering from this nerve-wracking game, you can find our roundup of the conference here. We’ll try to continuously update this page with links to slides, videos and other related resources.

If you are a speaker or have links to missing slides, please let us know via mail@tidev.io.

Other Roundups

Speakers, Slides & Videos

Talk (slides) Speaker (Twitter) Video (length)
The Amsterdam Safety Message Boydlee Pollentine 01:22
Keynote: Titanium 3.3 & Hyperloop Ingo Muschenetz 55:12
Scaling Your Mobile Back-end Marek Jelen 56:49
Augmented Reality Applications Philipp Nagele 47:14
Mobile UX Patterns in Titanium Javier Rayón / Sonia Villanueva 42:02
Titanium Mobile Web & Firefox OS Alessio Ricco Coming..
Genymotion Trevor Ward Coming..
Make the Most of Your Single Thread Ronald Treur Coming..
Community Toolkit Showcase Fokke Zandbergen Coming..
How to develop for enterprises Marc Bender Coming..
Adventures in Cross-Platform Jason Kneen Coming..
T-10 NASA Space App Ketan Majmudar Coming..
10 Golden Rules James Sugrue Coming..
Automated testing using Ti-Calabash Andrew McElroy Coming..
Everything Titanium using the CLI Xavier Lacot Coming..
Improving the UX through native views Olivier Morandi 54:46
App Store Optimization Mariano Glas 53:01
Using Beacons with Titanium Martin Hudson 34:08
Enterprise Backends with Open Source Antonio Calanducci Coming..
Automating Workflow Claire Coloma 21:09
Speed up dev using Automated Tests Emanuelle Rampichini Coming..
Glimworm Beacons workshop Jonathan Carter Coming..
Titanium Alloy in Action Ricardo Alcocer Coming..
Titaniumifier for Node packages Pier Paolo Ramon Coming..
Building a team for mobile dev Martin de Keijzer Coming..

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