New one-day Titanium Alloy tutorial

This week I did a new one-day Titanium Alloy tutorial. The courses and labs to prepare for the TCD and TCE exams are fine, but doing consultancy at different companies I saw a need for a shorter, intro-course.

Proof of Platform

Think of it like a proof-of-platform: is Titanium as easy as they say it is and what does the learning-curve feel like for me with the experience I bring to the table? Why take an expensive (money and time-wise) 3-day course meant to get certified if you haven’t yet really made your mind up about Titanium?

Open Source

You can follow the link above to learn more about the tutorial and get the slides and lab source code from GitHub. Yes, it’s open source and I invite you all to make money out of it introducing as many people to Titanium as you can. But… please submit pull requests for any corrections, additions and other improvements so we can all benefit from them :)

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