Image showing iOS simulator with new resizeable choices

Resizable iPhone and iPad Simulators

Last week I posted an article entitled: Rumour: Will iPhone 6 have a resolution change? This suggests we should be getting ready for a new iPhone resolution.  It appears that Apple wants us to get ready for this change long before the iPhone is actually released.


Just that word may change things further than we may have thought.  It is very possible the next iPhone will have a new fixed resolution, but it might also mean we may get more than one resolution by way of the potential launch of two different iPhone sizes that been surfacing over the past few months.

Whatever ‘resizable’ comes to mean; actually resizable or more than one fixed size, many developers need to take a good look at any assumptions with fixed dimension their UI layouts. With careful but simple thought this change will not cause any issues.  In many cases allowing for this flexibility will improve the overall app design.

Hang on – didn’t that say iPad as well?

Yes it most certainly did.  The iPad has not changed dimensions or aspect ratio since it was first released.  Yes Retina changed the density, but in reality the dimensions used by most developers have not changed at all.  So keep in mind; if the iPhone can change, then so can the iPad.

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  • aneesh

    This would be something to do with multiple window feature which is expected in iphone ipad.
    resize the apps in multiwindow environment … cool