New book (in progress): Titanium Alloy in Action

Appcelerator evangelist Ricardo Alcocer is currently writing his first book, titled Titanium Alloy in Action. Thanks to the publisher’s MEAP we don’t have to wait until he’s done writing! You can download the first chapter for free and if you pre-order the eBook (or Print book) now, you can download all 3 available chapters as an eBook right away and update it as Ricardo finishes more.

From the back cover:

You don’t have to master Java and Objective-C to write high-quality Android and iOS apps. With the Titanium mobile development toolkit, you can create native mobile applications using standard web technologies like XML, TSS (like CSS), and JavaScript.

Zero to app

I was fortunate to receive a complimentary copy of the eBook as it is so far and liked it! It’s not a technical reference of everything Titanium and Alloy have to offer. Instead, it assumes the reader decided to create a cross-platform app and saw Titanium obviously was the right tool for that job. The book takes him (or her) from zero to app and while doing so explains pretty much all basics.

As Ricardo puts it in his welcome:

As opposed to other books that focus on complex JavaScript programming patterns and best coding practices, in this book I focus in cross-platform as concept, and how to use Alloy to tap into the native user interface components and metaphors that are given to you by the native platform SDKs, so you’ll be building native apps that follow the conventions suggested by Apple and Google’s User Interface Guidelines.


I do hope the formatting will be improved once all chapters are done. The code snippets and figures feel a little messy and some text boxes could help separating the main story from hints, facts etc.

Get 50% discount

If you use mlalcocer when you pre-order you’ll receive a 50% discount and you can start reading the first 3 chapters right away. This code expires June 4th, so hurry!

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