tiConf speaker Jason Kneen

Jason KneenWith tiConf US in New York City behind us, we continue our series of speaker interviews leading up to tiConf EU in Amsterdam. First up is Jason Kneen, who will deliver te same talk he gave in NYC about his cross platform experiences.

Since when do you use Titanium and.. why?!

I started with Titanium in around 2010, and was introduced to it by one of my team. I’d started playing with Xcode and Objective C and was writing a sample app but I was finding progress frustrating and books I was learning from weren’t helpful. What I loved about Titanium was that it was JavaScript based, cross-platform AND I could get results faster.

For me it was and is the tool of choice because it enables me to go from zero to app quickly, using a language I’m comfortable with, and across multiple platforms simultaneously!

How do you see the future of Titanium?

The past year or so has been very exciting, with the introduction of Alloy, building apps has become even more enjoyable and there’s now a incredible and growing library of widgets and add-ons for Alloy out there. On top of that there’s a lot of buzz around “TiNext” (i.e. version 4) and what that will bring; faster, more flexible with JavaScript based modules and Windows Phone 8 support. 2014 is going to be a big year for Titanium and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Tell us something about your talk. Why should people attend?

My talk is titled Adventures in Cross-platform and it’s about my experience developing with Titanium and specifically for Android and iOS; the issues I’ve come across, challenges and what I’m doing to make my job easier with cross-plaform development. I’ll be using telling some stories around the apps I’ve built, and issues I faced both in pricing, development, delivery etc.

And why do you look forward to tiConf EU yourself?

I’ll be attending as many sessions as possible – my first time at TiConf was last year and I loved every second of it – it’s an awesome event, and a great way to get out, meet other Titanium Developers and share stories, experiences and tips & advice.

– Thanks Jason!

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