tiConf speaker Alex Otañez

Alex OtanezNext up in our series of interviews with tiConf speakers is Alex Otañez of Shockoe. He will deliver the talk beautifully titled Beginning with the End in Mind – A Roadmap to the Enterprise, on May 11th at tiConf US.

Tell us something about yourself

For the past 10 years my focus has been on Enterprise IT Strategy and Custom Application Development in various industries ranging from Healthcare to Consumer Goods to Non-Profits assisting clients in the areas of business strategy and development, including organizational, process, and technology improvements.

I recently joined Shockoe to help build the Enterprise Practice, Shockoe is a full-service mobile application consulting firm specializing in Cross Platform development for user friendly, functional apps. We deliver end-to-end mobile services including Mobile Strategy, Application Development, and Product Maintenance.

Since when do you use Titanium?

I have been using Titanium for the past 4 months, but Shockoe has been involved in Titanium since its early days – more than 3 years ago.

Do you know why Shockoe started using Titanium?

Shockoe is a strong believer in Titanium because of its flexibility, the platform is an excellent tool for small companies and large enterprises. It gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to develop for both Android and iOS without sacrificing functionality.

The backend analytics provided by the AppC platform are amazing to help us determine what the next steps are, what people are using, and what fixes need to be put in place.

How do you see the future of Titanium?

Titanium is still in its infancy, we are definitely sticking with Titanium. More and more clients are looking to be able to develop internal applications for their workforce and this tool allows them to focus more on innovation rather than development. While working with Appcelerator, the company Roadmap is incredible and the new opportunities that they are creating for us as a company to offer as services just put us one step ahead of our competitors.

Not only do we use Titanium for to develop applications for our clients, but we use it to develop our business applications that are powered by Shockoe.

Tell us something about your talk at tiConf

The talk is going to be about how to create a strategy for clients or personal applications that a development shop might be building.

Why should people not miss it?

If you are interested in minimizing errors with clients and taking advantage of the full features Appcelerator and Titanium have to offer, you should definitely attend this session. I will be giving people a strategy to begin with the end in mind and create a Titanium roadmap for any application build. If you struggle with projects in the middle of the build or with clients half way through an engagement, this is definetely the right place for you to build, I will be focusin on three take aways:

  1. How to Design a mobile Ecosystem
  2. How to create the right roadmap
  3. How to determine the cost of ownership for a build

Three important tools to enable better sales.

And why do you look forward to coming to tiConf yourself?

I am pumped about the NYC and South America conferences. I have been working with titanium for a short period of time and I cannot wait to hear what people are doing with it. I have a personal strategy for the things we can do with the platform, but getting a better understanding from others and their experience is fantastic.

I am personally excited about Wearable Technology, Rapid Dev, and Zero to App

– Thanks Alex!

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