tiConf speaker Adam Paxton

Adam PaxtoNext in our series of interviews with tiConf speakers is Adam Paxton, a freelance developer for his company Polanco Media. Adam will will speak at tiConf US about integrating custom maps using MapBox and OpenStreetMap.

Tell us something about yourself

I do freelance mobile development for my own small shop, Polanco Media, where I build apps for clients, plus a few on my own for fun.

Originally from the US, my wife and I moved to Mexico City several years ago for her job. We’ve since relocated to sunny and sweaty Cancun, where we live with our 2 year old son.

Since when do you use Titanium and why?

I started using Titanium in 2010. After working for while in Android, I found I could build the same stuff in Titanium much faster, plus do it for iOS as well. My first major Titanium project was with a Taxi app startup. At that time, there wasn’t any CommonJS in Titanium, and we weren’t concerned with leaving a polluted global scope for our grandchildren to inherit.

Multiple execution contexts? The more, the merrier! We’ll just set up some global event listeners to talk between them. Good old days.

How do you see the future of Titanium?

I know there is a lot of exciting talk about Ti.Next and Hyperloop, and of particular interest to me is with how it might enable us to to more quickly integrate 3rd party code or SDKs written in a native platform into Titanium.

Titanium module writers are currently the kingmakers. Having a more flexible way for people to use existing code, libraries, etc, would be pretty cool. Even getting access to parts of native APIs that aren’t exposed via Titanium would be incredibly useful.

Why should people go to your session at tiConf US?

People should attend my session because it is right before lunch, and I will be handing out the lunch tickets at the end of my talk. :)

I will be discussing ways to build custom, offline accessible maps for Titanium apps using open data from OpenStreetMap, and tools from Mapbox.

Mapbox is a company that has done a lot over the past few years to create open source tools, many built with JavaScript, to help people make cool stuff (sound familiar?). Using Mapbox’s SDK and map editing tools along with OpenStreetMap data, we can completely customize the appearance of our map. Get a sneak peak here by reading my blog about this.

So, if you are hungry for custom mapping information (and lunch), don’t miss it!

And why do you look forward to coming to tiConf yourself?

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone from last year’s conference in Baltimore, plus meeting new folks and checking out this great city.

– Thanks Adam!

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