tiConf speaker Trevor Ward

Trevor WardNext in our series of interviews with tiConf speakers is Trevor Ward, author of 2 Titanium books and currently leading a development team at First Utility in the UK. Trevor will speak at both tiConf US and tiConf EU about the Genymotion Android emulator.

Tell us something about yourself

I suppose I should start with the name of my Hamsters, Escape & Capture, who are Russian dwarf hamster and complete fitness fanatics.

Work wise, I started coding Cobol over 25yrs ago, and still meet people who did the same. Occasionally recruiters contact me to find out if I am still using Cobol as they have some job openings. In the late 90’s I switched into Web Development, using Perl and the then very new JavaScript language. I must say a thank you to a fellow speaker Stephen Feather for his book on JavaScript (yes he is that old).

In the early 2000’s I worked at Jaguar Cars applying these new skills on their internal software systems, before branching out on my own in consultancy work. At the beginning of 2011 a contract came my way to work on a new mobile application, and it became apparent very quickly that we should be using a cross platform framework and the search began. It wasn’t long before Titanium hand reached the top of the list, and I was off to London for 3 days attending a training course given by Kevin Whinnery.

I have been coding mobile application using Titanium ever since, and have done some large scale projects for the likes of BP, Heinz, Marks & Spencers to name just a few. Now I run the mobile development team for First Utility, which is a really exciting and full on position.

What is it you do in the Titanium community that people might know you from?

I contribute time in the Q & A forums and when time permits blog about aspects of mobile development. Over the years I have found time to author one and co-author another book on titanium.

How do you see the future of Titanium?

Well, where can Titanium go, really it’s future is tied to the future of the mobile device. While Appcelerator keep their tooling up to date, then Titanium will continue to strive. It is such a nice platform to use, Yes it has it’s pitfalls but so does every framework.

Sell us your session at tiConf!

Oh how to make talking about Android emulator’s exciting. This one works, and Ill delve into its functionality and usage. Its either come listen to a Brit talk or sit in the bar drinking beer. (Ill join you in the bar).

And what is it you look forward to yourself?

Im going to enjoy catching up with lots of friends I have made in the Titanium community, and hopefully make lots more.

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