tiConf speaker Alexander Chatterjee

AlexanderNext up in our series of interviews with tiConf speakers is Alexander Chatterjee. He will speak about Wearable Technology on May 11th at tiConf US.

Tell us something about yourself

I am somebody who is passionate about science and I like to think about myself as a geek and an hacker in the large term:

Let’s see how things work by opening the contraption and see the guts of the machine.

I am also a french Engineer and a globetrotter, right now I work between Luxembourg and Belgium, my main client being the European Commission where I work as the Mobile Architect and lead Mobile developer.

What do you do related to Titanium?

I try to push Titanium anywhere I go, advocating it over PhoneGap; when we need to work with critical embedded application, I then see if it’s more interesting to develop it by a team under Objective-C / Java or Titanium. Most of the applications I build these days are internal business applications.

Since when do you use Titanium and why was it the tool of choice at that time?

I tried to use it when it just showed up, but stopped because it was very buggy. Some years later, late 2012, I gave it another try and was impressed by the big leap forward since it started out. But I still mainly work in native languages using Xcode and Android ADT.

Any chance that will change?

I have to stick with native for now as I work on Windows Phone apps as well, which is currently not supported by Titanium.

I think that Titanium is a great product for people who want to jump in mobile application development from a web background. But if you wanna really use all of the potential of a mobile OS, it’s interesting to at least know how to develop and produce native application based on native coding. In the end, any layer of abstraction will take some more energy / power from the mobile.

So my strategy currently is: for simple applications that need multiple ports (iOS and Android mainly), we should develop using Titanium, for more specific application we should deploy them using native languages.

Tell us something about your talk at tiConf

I’ll be talking about the latest trend: wearable devices, in many forms: wearable glasses, sport loggers, smart watches etc. I’ll present a bit the general way of programming with those devices, but I’ll focus mostly on developing apps for the Jawbone Up and the FitBit Flex. What kind of data can you gather through them, what kind of apps can you produce etc. The main focus will be a boxing application.

And why do you look forward to coming to tiConf yourself?

Wow! I would like to come to tiConf in order to get the same energy as last year at tiConf Baltimore and exchange with other developers in order to see how they work and get/give some tips about working on the mobile industry.

New York is a place that I loved and lived some years ago, so it’s always exciting to come back home time to time ;)

– Thank you Alex, and I look forward to see how Hyperloop might make you come back to Titanium even more often!

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