tiConf speaker Matt Apperson

Matt AppersonNext up in our series of interviews with tiConf speakers is Matt Apperson from Apperson Labs. He will speak about RapidDev on May 10th at tiConf US.

Tell us something about yourself. What do you do related to Titanium?

I used to work for Appcelerator helping answer community questions in the QA, building module such as Box2d, and SalesForce, and developing sample code for the community. I also for a while managed the Titans program communications. I then took a spin at native development doing video conference apps for iOS before deciding to start my Titanium focused consultancy. At Apperson Labs our team works with clients from start-ups to enterprises helping them develop a mobile strategy that will drive success! We also partner with other agencies as we white label our services to help them deliver world class mobile apps for their clients.

Since when do you use Titanium and why was it the tool of choice at that time?

As a former PHP/web dev, JS felt natural to me. I always enjoyed using JS due to its flexibility, but web based mobile UIs always felt wrong. So when I stumbled onto Ti I just felt right at home. My first app was a personal project to test the waters of Titanium, it let you view wikipedia articles about places on a map, it had the ability to leave comments and reviews too. I was able to whip the whole thing up for Android and iOS in the time it would normally take to write just an iOS app in native. What really blew me away though was the lack of compromises. The app I created was just as good as one built with native Obj-C.

How do you see the future of Titanium? Why do you stick with it?

Titanium is the only platform that gives you massive code share between platforms but also gives you a native UI. So in terms of cross platform in my mind it is the only options. Like any tool, it should not be relied on exclusively, but with hyperloop + Ti.Next around the corner, the number of times that pure native is the right option is shrinking.

Tell us something about your talks at tiConf.

My Talk at TiConf is about RapidDev, a native module and build plugin we developed at Apperson Labs to reduce/remove the need to compile apps. This tool saves each of the devs on our team hours each day, and we want to share it with the entire Titanium community! We will also have some fun exciting announcements about the future of RapidDev!

On top of this we will be working with Codex Labs to deliver a workshop on testing and battle hardening your Titanium apps!

And why do you look forward to coming to tiConf US yourself?

NYC is a great place! The food is what always gets me :) But for Ticonf I always look forward to hanging out with other Titanium devs to both learn and share my own personal knowledge. My Company Apperson Labs will have a booth setup to show off some of the cool tech we will be working on this year along with our partners, so if you care to take a look, ask questions or just say ‘Hi!’, please stop on by!

– Thanks Matt!

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