This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 7 Apr 2014

This is a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


Know DevLink? Meet DevMap! Fokke Zandbergen shows us all public developer profiles on a world map.

Meet the tiConf speakers: Grant Shipley from Red Hat about ‘Scaling your back-end’

Appcelerator announced a partnership with mobileiron to accelerate delivery of secure Enterprise app portfolios.


This is awesome – Fokke Zandbergen uses ticons to generate missing asset densities for your app. I’ve always wanted this!

Modules and Widgets

Appsflyer is an app analytics platform – Arnaud Besnier created an iOS and Android module for your Titanium app.

Ruben Fonseca droped a whole bunch of open source modules on github:
iOS6 Social.framework
iOS5 Twitter.framework

Marcel Pociot: A nice little iOS progress indicator.

The UserVoice module allows lets you use the UserVoice SDK to show feedback and support dialogs from within Titanium iOS applications for $10.


Blendin lets your friends know if you’re going out or want to go out.

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Jeff Bonnes is the Founder of Geeks Inc. with 20 years experience in the IT industry. He has been developing data driven website since 1995 using technologies like C, Java, Grails, and NodeJS. He has worked in a wide range of industries including Local Government, Finance, Document management, and Online Communities. He discovered Appcelerator Titanium at version 0.8, and has not looked back. His passion is working with smart people to ship innovative solutions.


  • xremix

    Good article. Please keep them going! This is (beside the best blog for getting other stuff.

    BTW: I think the UserVoice module has a wrong link.

  • Jeff Bonnes Post author

    Thanks – I think you need to be logged in to the Appcelerator Marketplace to see the UserVoice module.