tiConf speaker Grant Shipley

Grant ShipleyKicking of a series of interviews with tiConf speakers is Grant Shipley from Red Hat. He will speak about Scaling Your Mobile Back-end on May 10th at tiConf US.

Tell us something about yourself

I started my career as a Java Developer and moved into management about 7 years ago. I currently manage Developer Advocacy at Red Hat for their cloud based environments.

To stay technical, I started writing iOS applications when the iPhone first came. My applications have been featured on the app store etc. The first application that I wrote is called Signing Time.

I am passionate about movies and home theaters. Given this passion I am working on a mobile application that hooks into the follw.it website that I helped develop. The application is written in Titanium and is available in the App Store.

How did you get to use Titanium?

Having written applications with both native and cross-platform SDKs, I have found that I use Titanium 100% of the time for all mobile development over the last 1.5 years. Having a single code base written in a well known language is refreshing and reduced the time and cost of maintenance down the road.

How do you see the future of Titanium?

The future for Titanium is bright. I will continue to use it as the platform evolves. One thing that I still haven’t quiet wrapped my head around is Alloy and I find that I still use the classic model of Titanium Development.

Sell us your session at tiConf!

Most mobile applications today could make use backend server technology. My sessions will be on selecting the right backend and when it makes sense to use a cloud based service. I will showing a sample application that is written in Titanium for mobile, node.js for web services, and mongodb for the datastore. This allows us to have a complete full stack application written only in JavaScript.

And what is it you look forward to yourself?

As I said previously, I have been procrastinating learning and using Alloy. I think the technology has matured and is now at a point where we should all be using it. I am excited to attend sessions related to Alloy to jump start my learning of the framework and learn practical use cases to apply the framework.

I also look forward to meeting up with anyone who uses the Titanium SDK to bounce ideas off. This will be my third Titanium conference and I learn something knew from my fellow developers each time.

– Thanks Grant!

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