Know DevLink? Meet DevMap!

To download and use Titanium, as well as access most resources, you need a free Appcelerator Network account. If you then complete your Developer Profile and select Yes for List in DevLink you’ll be included in Appcelerator’s public directory of Titanium developers.

Get free exposure!

A nice way to get exposure as a freelancer or company, in particular because at the moment only 6,953 out of the 573,023 registered developers have a public profile!

What you can do on DevLink

You can filter profiles listed on DevLink by experience, programming languages, role (within their company), as well as for certified developers and Titans. You may also sort by either name or date of registration.

What you can could not: Find TiDevs near you!

Even though the profiles include the developer’s location, you cannot filter on it. Imagine how cool it would be to know what other developers and Titans live nearby! You could meet up or maybe even work together!

Meet DevMap!

In collaboration with Appcelerator and branded under the flag of TiDev, I present to you DevMap: (almost) all public Appcelerator profiles geocoded to a world map! You can even search for a specific company or developer name or show only certified developers or Titans. As a bonus I also added all meetups I could find.

  • Check it out via the new DevMap menu-link or


Profiles and meetups are auto-updated every few hours.

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