London Titanium Podcast – Episode 2 Hyperloop

With the recent Developer Preview of Hyperloop for Windows, we have dipped into our audio archives to bring you a recording of Jeff Haynie in his first public talk on Hyperloop. It was recorded in Atlanta, during the second Titanium AppCamp Unconference and Hackathon.

Jeff Haynie running through Hyperloop.
Jeff Haynie running through Hyperloop.

We then have a video from Jeff of his presentation to the Amsterdam Titanium User Group recorded:

Founder of Spirit Quest Limited, freelancing in web design/development space since 1998 and speaker. I come from a design/UX/UI background yet moved into frontend LAMP based systems before immersing myself in mobile development. Have worked with Government/Public Sector, Charities and Ethical Businesses. Involved in Titanium Mobile development since 2010. Co-Founder and current organiser of the London Titanium Usergroup. Mobile Dev for T-10, the NASA "Most Inspirational" winning 2013 Space Apps Challenge. I freelance, contract and have a few apps brewing to be released this year.