Ad serving with AdMob/DFP

One of several business models for making money with your app is of course advertising.

Ad serving platforms

The best way to serve ads in your app is by using an ad serving platform. The concept of ad serving is simple. Publishers provide inventory, advertisers provide ads, when the request meets demand based on price and priority an ad is shown. As a publisher you present your inventory realtime and the server responds directly with an ad (or nothing if there is no ad available).


At WappZapp we tried several ad serving systems and ended up with Google’s adserving platform AdMob/DFP. The first got acquired by Google and serves as a base of the SDK for both services.


AdMob is for small publishers and directly connects you to a network of advertisers. Which is nice if you do not want to sell your ad space yourself. An AdMob account can be created here:


DFP gives you more control and the possibility to manage your own advertisers. We choose this alternative. A DFP account can be requested here:

DFP for Titanium

For using DFP with Appcelerator there was one problem though. The current AdMob module does not yet support DFP ad units. Luckily, fixing this was not that hard. The first thing I needed to do was add the support for custom sizes adds in the iOS and Android module.

Secondly, use a different type of adunit. For DFP it is a composition of your DFP account id and the ad unit id: [dfp_id]/[ad_unit_id]. This can be easily requested from the inventory section within DFP. You can find the AdMob module with DFP support on GitHub. Feel free to contribute:


  • Get hooked up fast? Use AdMob
  • Get in control of your ads? Use DFP


  • André Dalmolen

    Hi Wienke,

    I am trying to update AdMob module myself, because a new version via Appcelerator takes a while.
    I can build the module, but i get the following error (follow link please)



  • Leandro

    If I add this module the app will not build anymore, I got this error:

    [ERROR] : The following build commands failed:
    [ERROR] : Ld build/Debug-iphonesimulator/ normal i386

    I’m using Titanium 3.2.2, 3.2.3, 3.3.0 with ios

    Even on android it does’n work, it says this:
    [INFO] : Ads: Received log message: <"string": " You are using version 6.4.1 of the AdMob SDK which is non-compliant with the Google Play Ad Policy ( On August 1st, 2014, Google Play will stop accepting updates to apps using this SDK. Upgrade to Google Play services now to avoid this deadline.”, “afmaNotifyDt”: “null”>

    Could you update the module o make a pull request with your changes on the official admob module github?