Gotcha: Case sensitivity difference in simulator and device

Ran in to this already a while a go but it took me more than a day to figure out why my app was crashing. And every Titanium developer will encounter this eventually.

The gotcha of today is:

For file references the device is case sensitive but the simulator is not.

For instance when you are when using the require or the include function. Referencing them with a incorrect case usage will just work fine on the simulator, but not when deploying it to the device.

Hope you Googled “app crashes on device but runs on simulator” and this answer was useful.


  • Jeff Haynie

    Not sure there’s much we can do about it (we’ll look into it), but I’m wondering out loud if this is really a “bug” not a “feature”. :)

  • tim

    iOS device seems not to care whereas Android will bug out (thankfully).

  • Wienke

    Could be :) When I faced it, the app completely crashed. So an error message similar to what usually thrown would be nice. You will only find out if you hook the device up to the console in the XCode Organizer.

    BTW: Cool you are active here.