Titanium & Alloy Package Manager

Last Wednesday I launched gitTio, a search engine that indexes all Titanium modules and Alloy widgets found on GitHub.

Today, thanks to the help of David Bankier I can already launch a great addition to gitTio: The gitTio Package Manager.

Install dependencies

Just run gittio install -g in your project and it will install all missing modules and widgets required by your tiapp.xml and app/config.json files.


Of course there is much more you can do, like installing or uninstalling a specific component, version or even for a specific platform, updating installed components etc. The CLI page on the gitTio website tells you all about it.

Get it

To get the gitTio CLI use NPM:

sudo npm install -g gittio

Watch it

I recorded a simple screencast showing how the gitTio CLI works:

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