gitTio: Search all Modules & Widgets

Meet gitTio, a search engine that indexes – all – Titanium modules and Alloy widgets in public repositories on GitHub. Search through their manifest and widget.json properties like description and supported platforms, as well as the contents of the README and all MD’s documenting the component.


As an extra service, you can follow @gitNotified on Twitter to get notified about new and updated components. You might have already seen some tweets coming from this account with some nice stats, like this:


If you like stats, you can find more real-time ones like these the gitTio stat(u)s page.

More coming

There’s a lot more you can do with an index like this and I’m in the process of finishing a very nice use of it this week together with David Bankier. Follow @gitNotified for to get notified about that as well ;)


Of course you can also find modules and widgets on the Appcelerator Marketplace, and just a month ago Marcel Pociot launched Titanium Controls. These are manually curated collections that include closed source components as well, while gitTio fully automatically indexes all – but only – components found in public repositories on GitHub. There’s a use for both.

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  • Paul Mietz Egli

    Hey Fokke, thanks for creating this great new resource for Ti app developers! Can you give us module developers some insight into how your index is built? I’d like to make sure my Github repos show up for specific searches. For example, the search results for “database” and “couchdb” don’t contain my ti_touchdb module, which is a cross-platform, CouchDB-compatible database. Thanks!

  • Fokke Zandbergen Post author

    It searches through the manifest (name, descr), readme and all MDs under the document folder.

  • Anders

    Newbie question: How do I install an update to a component I already use? The same way as installing a new one?

  • Fokke Zandbergen Post author

    Yes, that works. Or use `gittio update my.module`