Unable to access the iOS7 simulator log in Titanium? Here’s a workaround

If you’re using the latest version of Xcode and the iOS7 simulator with Titanium, you may have noticed an issue where you can’t access the console log for the iOS7 simulator.

This issue has been noted by Appcelerator and there is a fix in the next 3.2 SDK release (which I believe is also being back-ported to the current SDK).

If you can’t wait, here’s a workaround:-

  1. Install and run something like or . This will give you quick access to your installed simulator apps.

  2. Click the icon in the menu bar, select the app you wish to see the logs for (if you’re using Simulator Folder Preferences, click GO after selecting it), the app folder will open.

  3. Click “documents” and then double click the log file (you can also use terminal commands you’re more familiar with or another log viewing tool – I’m just going with the defaults for the purposes of this example).

The log will open in the viewer and you can now see console logging for your app in the iOS7 simulator!

Credit to Dan Tamas for the tip!

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