One-click access to iOS Simulator Application Folders

When you’re developing apps with the iOS Simulator, it’s sometimes necessary to check the deployed application to see if particular files are where they should be. Maybe you’re writing some code to download files from a remote server or you’re creating a database via SQL and you want to check it’s contents.

Typically, the way to do this is to navigate the myriad of folders that OSX and iOS uses to hide away your Titanium apps. Even if you do manage to get past the Libary, Application Support, into the iOS Simulator folder and into the Applications folder, you’re greeted with a bunch of GUIDs that don’t mean anything. From there it’s Deerstalker on and navigating each folder, trying to work out which one is your app.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.01.25Simulator Folder Preferences is a neat solution to this problem; it’s an app that locates itself in your OSX menu bar and with one click, provides a way to access all your apps on the installed simulators. Select an app (make sure you pick the right simulator if you have it installed multiple times), click GO and you’re taken immediately to the folder.

It’s free, simple to use and saves you a lot of time setting up bookmarks, aliases etc.

UPDATE – as noted by Marcel in the comments, another good app is which also shows the icon of the app – nice find!

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