This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 10 Jun 2013

This is a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


Appcelerator CTO says that soon all development will be Mobile.

TiShadow V1.0 is now available and has a new home!

Catch the UWM Spotlight on Excellence: App Brewery <– Love this!

tiConf US is getting closer and the website have been updated share the speakers list and agenda with you all. Get you tickets!

Gartner-Appcelerator Webinar: Transforming Your Enterprise with Mobile.


Using the cool new Reveal App in Titanium Mobile for iOS.

Introducing the hardware build button for Titanium Studio. Everyone needs one.

The Denver meetup had a preso on Continuous Integration for Titanium using Jasmine specs (tests) and Jenkins as buildserver.

Here’s an upcoming performance boost in the TiAlloy compile process – it’s an option to disable source map generation.

Overview of the Appcelerator Titanium platform for Mobile Down South 2013 in Eindhoven.

Building An iPhone App With Appcelerator Titanium Part 5.

Get slides (and video) on Titanium TiAlloy as delivered at The Dutch Mobile Conference 2013.

Quick example of registering a URLScheme in a Titanium app using TiApp.xml without info.plist file. Check out the video as well for an example of Transferring images between Titanium apps using URL schemes.

Raul Riera give us SlideIn.js for a “slideIn” animation for Alloy. (It also works on regular Ti)

Simple build configuration to remove unimportant log calls if the build type is production.

Here’s how to create a transition a background image using Titanium. The site is in Spanish.

Modules and Widgets

Manatee Works as announced the availability of the mobiScan SDK for Appcelerator Titanium to give you barcode scanning functionality.


The tiConf US 2013 app is out now and it is also available on Android.

Marco Luque is an app for a Spanish Comedian. It gives you showtimes, a personal profile and even lets you know when he is in the area.

Take a look at the Alloy example app built at the DMC 2013 tutorial day.

An iOS/Android version of Ruzzle proof of concept – built in 3 hours!

The BigApp is a new way to experience BigStuf™ Camps in Panama City Beach and Daytona Beach, Florida. Also available on iOS.

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