This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 4 Mar 2013

This is a roundup of all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


Appcelerator Announces Mobile Application Development Solution for Tizen You can also view the Press Release.

Appcelerator has made 24 Appcelerator modules open source. Great stuff for the community.

From Wired Magazine: Why Your Enterprise Must Rethink Mobile App Development quotes the Appcelerator developer survey.

Check out the new Appcelerator Titanium CI build download site.


Richard Shergold’s shares some of his tiConf highlights for 2013.

Keep up to date with all the TiConf news by joining the TiConf Facebook Group.

Take a look at Boydlee’s Deployd presentation at the tiConf EU 2013 on Slideshare.


Here’s how to the hidden /Resources/ folder in Titanium Studio for an Alloy project.

Samuele Coppedè shared code for an Infinite Scroll View based on the NappScrollViewExtended module.

Part 1 of Integrating WordPress and Appcelerator Titanium using JSON from iTexico.

An Example project showing a workaround for Alloy-Theming-Widgets.

Ezti is a wrapper module for a super simple lib for Titanium beginners, that will -hopefully- help them get started in Titanium development.

How to develope real time mobile apps with Titanium, Node.ACS and WebSockets on Slideshare.

Some useful insight into Breakpoint debugging Alloy apps .

Using Vim and tiAlloy – a gist to open the style and view when opening a controller. View the screenshots here.

Aaron Saunders give us a way to do bulk updates and deletes with Appcelerator Alloy Collections.

Here’s a simple tutorial for easy Titanium layouts.

Modules and Widgets

A great list of adapters and widgets for Alloy… They are also on the look out for more, so send in your Repo’s if you have any!

Introducing the new Google Maps Android API v2 module for Android. V1 is being retired.

WildText.js – a CommonJS Module that lets you create gradient filled labels with Appcelerator Titanium.


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Aaron Saunders updated the Fugitive sample application for Alloy 1.0GA

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