This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 12 Mar 2012

This is all the Titanium Mobile development news I’ve gathered from the Twittersphere and Interwebs for the past week.


Wenke Giezeman leads a two part skillswap project where a group of programmers and designers had to build an app from scratch using Titanium. You can follow the Conquer the App Store Report (in Dutch)

BitElm takes a look at choosing a mobile framework investigating Appcelerator Titanium

BestFit and Appcelerator co-hosted the Mobile Rodeo 2012 at SXSW. Yeehaw!

The Climote app built in Titanium was shortlisted for a global Appy Award in the utilities category.


Boydlee gives his first impressions after using Cocoafish and Titanium for the last few weeks, listing the pros and cons of his experience.

The Why’s and why not’s of how not to Structure for large Titanium apps is covered in nice detail on Zenbrogium.

David Bankier shows us how to create a Custom SplitApartView UI similar to the way it works on iOS when you open an application group.

Tomas Persson’s blog post about bringing the Android ViewPager module to Appcelerator Android Apps.

TiTouchDB is an Appcelerator Titanium module which wraps TouchDB, the lightweight, CouchDB-compatible database suitable for embedding into mobile apps.

Ti Amazon S3 is an example app that allows you to upload media files directly to an Amazon S3 bucket, instead of routing requests through a proxy server, via Amazon’s REST API. It also shows how commonJS can be used to build scalable Titanium applications.

Per Olesen details how to get started with Titanium Module Development for iOS. have an updated blog post on using #titanium to access the private documents folder in iOS.


My Memory Game is a fun game that can help train your memory for all ages.

Take a look at this German Todo App to give you some ideas.

Photoro allows you to link photos to a specific place on a map allowing you to create a new perspective on your travel experience.

OpenWalletApp– Powered by Appcelerator Titanium was created on the Startup Bus on the way to SXSW.

Bumblepix allows you to create, edit and share events where you get to add images and video files to your event so that everyone can enjoy it.

Take a listen to slow radio for love songs streaming over the internet. An example of how Titanium can handle streaming media.

Mairdumont’s 123POI app allows you to discover your neighbourhood by creating points of interest in the app and then adding images to them. As soon as something close pops up you will be notified.

Designed expressly for SXSW attendees in Austin, the Eyejot vCard SXSW Edition makes sharing personal contact information fast, fun and, best of all, memorable.

If you’ve got any news, tips, or apps I’ve missed, please leave them in the comments below!


Jeff Bonnes is the Founder of Geeks Inc. with 20 years experience in the IT industry. He has been developing data driven website since 1995 using technologies like C, Java, Grails, and NodeJS. He has worked in a wide range of industries including Local Government, Finance, Document management, and Online Communities. He discovered Appcelerator Titanium at version 0.8, and has not looked back. His passion is working with smart people to ship innovative solutions.