This Week in Titanium Mobile: 4 June 2011

This is all the Titanium Mobile news I’ve found by listening on Twitter and searching the web this week.


Appcelerator has extended their deadline for papers for the Codestrong developer conference until June 7th. It would be a great way to share some knowledge with your fellow developers.

A couple people have already submitted their talks:
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Appcelerator has updated their Q&A Section with a shiny new look. The also launched a Beta of their ‘Devlink‘ page to showcase developers. They still have some work to do on it, but you can see the basic functionality.

If you are in Japan, you can check out the local developers meeting this weekend in Osaka

Did you know there is a Titanium book call The Native Advantage is coming out in August by Conrad Fuhrman? You can pre-order now.

MobileTuts+ has good things to say about Titanium Studio RC1. I can’t wait to check it out.

Titanium Mobile gets a mention in Dave Feldman’s Comparison of Mobile Web Frameworks along with Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile and jQTouch. Titanium Mobile is the only one that builds native apps.

Andrew Westberg gives a nice view on Mobile Development with Titanium Appcelerator from a Adobe Flex developers point of view on

Andrew Hunt gives an honest assessment of the Appcelerator training course he took a while ago.

Tips has a nice tutorial on creating universal iPhone and iPad apps in Titanium Studio RC1.

dc_duo has released a sample app on Code Canyon showing how to access the Google Places API through Titanium Mobile. It’s $17 bucks.

ClearCase has also released a Titanium Location Proximity Module on Code Canyon for $15. It gives your Titanium mobile application the ability to get the distance between two points on the globe. It is for apps that need to figure out if the device is within a certain range. I’ve got an upcoming project that may be using it!

Codeboxed put together Titanium Image Gallery. Nice.

If you are a vim user, you might want to check out baldrailers new snippets on Github for Titanium Mobile UI elements.


Crags Climbing Log Book: New rock climbing log book is a quick and easy way to log your climbs out in the field. You can quickly set up new crags, annotate routes and log climbs for yourself or a whole group of climbers.

9th Wonder looks like a cool app as well. Sure is getting good reviews.

And another app promising a blog posting:
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If you’ve got any news I’ve missed, please leave it in the comments below!


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